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⚡ Fastack makes your FastAPI much easier 😎

fastack is an intuitive framework based on FastAPI, for creating clean and easy-to-manage REST API project structures. It's built for FastAPI framework ❤️

Why did I make this?

I'm the type of person who doesn't want to repeat the same thing over and over again. So i made this 😅

In my opinion, when you use a framework that doesn't have a project generator. You need to search or create your own project structure, Of course this will take time. I just want you to only focus on business logic. Not to be confused by sometimes ambiguous project structures, lacking plugins to support development, etc.


  • Project Layout

    • Includes docker-compose, so you don't have to think about bundling your project with docker.
    • Added pre-commit configuration
    • Support load command to fastack cli
    • Plugin support
  • Create a REST API with our Controller class

  • Include pagination
  • Plugins available for integration with popular libraries. See here

Last update: December 26, 2021 13:53:04